Pure High-Speed Ltd. started because I personally really wanted higher Internet speeds than what was being offered in the Rocky area. Now we provide Rocky Mountain House internet service (as well as across Clearwater County) through high speed wireless, DSL and satellite Internet.

We all know how unnerving poor internet service can be. In these technologically advanced times that we live, internet problems should be the last thing on your mind. This is why Pure High Speed is here to save you from this kind of nightmare and make sure you get a fast and reliable internet experience.

Our smart approach

Pure High-Speed is an internet provider specializing in DSL, wireless and satellite internet service connections. We complement it all with the subsequent needed support while guaranteeing that our clients get the best service in the market at the most competitive prices. We are locally based and on call 24hrs a day, 7 days a week so you can expect hands-on service delivery whenever you contact us. Our commitment to satisfying our customers is undeniable and you can look forward to the highest level of professionalism from our proficient staff.

We have stayed true to our goal from the very beginning which is to transform the industry by introducing differentiated services while setting the bar of service delivery high. Our mission has always been to increase bandwidth as we allow our customers to surf, stream and download on all their devices while aware that there are no data caps. The data center is always on the prowl to provide customized solutions, revising our data plans by raising data caps and giving you the option for unlimited data packages.

Dean Anderson

We believe that staying loyal to our customers is what will spur our growth in the industry and this is why we are always ready to receive with open arms any input from our clients at any time. Come to us with your complaints, comments or commendations and we will give you our utmost attention because this is the only way we can improve our service provision to you. Looking for fast, cable free internet for your home, contact us anytime.

– Owner Dean Anderson