Rocky Mountain House is a beautiful town located in Clearwater County of Alberta, Canada. The town offers a wide range of tourist attractions, from outstanding historical sites to stunning natural wonders, such as the Humming Bird Falls and the numerous lakes in the area. The remarkable area, “Where Adventure Begins,” contains some of the most astonishing scenery in the Western Canada. Furthermore, there is a large variety of locations to appreciate the great food and beverages after enjoying an exciting summer day in this extraordinary Canadian town. Here is a list of 5 things that my family and I like to do in and around Rocky Mountain House that don’t involve being on the Internet during the summer.

1 – Visit The Rocky Mountain House National Historic Park

The park presents the amazing story of this historical place through the precious and well-preserved archeological remains of the fur trade. Visitors can learn about the significant events of the past, while appreciating a vast array of interesting activities offered at the park. Exciting exhibitions, souvenir shops and typical restaurants comprise some of the attractions in this charming town. Moreover, the park is an excellent option for those who love a camping adventure during summer.


 2 – Enjoy a Hot Summer Day at the River

Imagine spending a nice summer day with your family gently floating down the fresh waters of a river. At the North Saskatchewan River, it is possible to enjoy a peaceful afternoon with your kids, friends and family. You can enjoy many activities at the river like canoeing, kayaking, tubing, taking pictures, or simply relaxing and appreciating the rushing water of one of the largest river systems between the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan. Be sure to always wear an approved life jacket for your safety.


3 – Hike into Breathtaking Waterfalls

There is nothing more exciting than being able to appreciate the enchanted view of a natural wonder. In Rocky Mountain House, there are many stunning places to visit, especially during summer. If you are going to spend the hottest season of the year at this fascinating town, you cannot skip making the trek out to the Humming Bird Falls and the Ram River Falls that is located on the Forestry Trunk road. In just over an hour you can take in these amazing falls. In and around Rocky there are numerous breathtaking historical trails and back-country hiking guaranteed to help you relax and get fresh air.


4 – Have fun Golfing at the Canyon Creek Golf Course

The outstanding panoramic view of the Rocky Mountains is not the only admirable feature of this spectacular golf course. Travelers can certainly have a good time golfing at the canyon that offers a wide variety of amenities to visitors. Power cart rentals and a full service camp ground are included in the package. In addition to that, a Club House provides some of the best refreshments and meals in the region.


5 – Appreciate Fishing and Kayaking with Your Family

Rocky Mountain House is blessed to be the home to various incredible lakes, with a large variety of fish, from the Burbot to the Yellow Perch. However, before heading out to one of the numerous fishing opportunities offered in the region, you should read the Alberta Fishing Guide, which explains all the details you need to know, from stocking to availability. Additionally, tourists can spend an amazing time kayaking or canoeing with the entire family.