Starting Your Own YouTube Channel

I’m sure you have heard it before and I’m just as sure that you will hear it again, “I saw it on YouTube.” YouTube is ever growing and is full of content from the amateur first-time poster to the high production value of Hollywood veterans. If you have any inclinations of getting your business or […]

How The Internet Can Make A Better You!

Many people consider the internet to be a place of cat videos, social media, and games. A fact you should consider is that could use it to massively improve your health, well-being and quality of life. There are so many health and wellness websites, blogs, videos and groups on the internet that a person could[…..]


What is the Alberta SuperNet?

The Alberta SuperNet is a high speed network that connects 429 communities in both urban and rural Alberta, Canada. In large thanks to the SuperNet, Alberta is the most connected province in the whole country presently. Pure High-Speed Ltd. is one of the local internet companies Rocky Mountain House has. The presence of this network[…..]

What is Email Phishing?

The Internet is undoubtedly one of the most useful tools that humanity has ever created. However, even though it offers a large variety of benefits, the web can be a dangerous place with plenty of cyber-criminals disguised as good people. Email Phishing, for example, is a type of cyber-crime that has been around for the[…..]


5 Things To Do Around Rocky This Summer

Rocky Mountain House is a beautiful town located in Clearwater County of Alberta, Canada. The town offers a wide range of tourist attractions, from outstanding historical sites to stunning natural wonders, such as the Humming Bird Falls and the numerous lakes in the area. The remarkable area, “Where Adventure Begins,” contains some of the most[…..]

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Preventing Network Cable Interference

With data rates expanding exponentially in recent years, there has been an influx of network cables on the market. No longer are these cables one size fits all, different cabling suits different speeds and data rates. As electrons travel through the wires inside the cabling, they carry the electrical signal to its intended destination. Unfortunately,[…..]


What Is Satellite Internet and How Does It Work?

For too long, traditional dial-up service has remained the only reliable option available for rural communities and remote areas to achieve Internet access. However, technological improvements in recent years have made satellite internet a viable alternative for your high-speed internet needs.     Q: What is satellite internet? If you are one of the millions[…..]

Wireless access

What Is Wireless Internet & How Does It Work?

Once upon a time, the only way to access the internet was through a physical cable that connected you to the world wide web. In recent years, technological advancements have led to a spike in popularity of wireless internet services. The absence of traditional cords and wires has prompted a number of frequently asked questions[…..]

Mobile Devices

Possible Causes of Wi-Fi Interference

When you are using the internet on your computer or mobile device, there is nothing more frustrating than encountering some sort of interference with your Wi-Fi connection. Whether you are dealing with low signal strength or a slow connection, it can be a bit overwhelming to know where to start looking for the main cause.[…..]

Business People

What is an ISP?

At Pure High-Speed, we believe in delivering the highest quality wireless, satellite and DSL Internet services for the most affordable prices. As well as educating our valued customers as they navigate the online world. You may know a bit about the Internet, but do you know what an ISP is and exactly what they do?[…..]