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Pure High-Speed is proud to offer competitive, quality wireless, DSL, and satellite internet service and back it up with top-notch support for our customers.


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Our Services

We’ve updated our plans for give you the best pricing.

Because we are local and living in the same neighbourhoods as our clients.  We knew that our company was going to have to bring a higher quality internet connection.  From the beginning we wanted to be different.  Our perspective was that we wanted what we paid for as someone else’s customer.  So why wouldn’t you?  We also wanted more bandwidth and no data caps.  We’ve updated our plans for more competitive pricing and raised the data caps on our packages.  Also having optional unlimited data packages.

Having an open door policy in this company is not limited to just the people that work for us.  It means that we want to hear whats important to you.  Our Facebook page will be a great place to comment and leaves it open for other customers to speak on the issue as well.  Or drop us an email at

We’re in this industry to grow. We want you to say WOW!! and tell your neighbour about it.