There is no doubt that the internet was one of the biggest creations of humanity. This technology not only allowed the advancement of others, but it also contributed to a better world in many ways. With these changes, modern life has gone through a vast amount of alterations. Having access to the internet has modified our way of viewing things, and simple actions like ordering food, listening to music, studying, and communicating have become easier and more efficient with the web.

The global system that interconnects computers all over the planet is the reason we have so many benefits that facilitate our lives today. Created in the early 60’s and popularized in the late 90’s the internet is absolutely indispensable for many people nowadays.

From an impressive social evolution that happened so fast to a world where everybody is connected, the World Wide Web is certainly one of the most impacting achievements of humankind. As a wireless Internet provider we are proud of our part to bring this technology to remote locations. Here are some of the most significant changes that this technology did for us.

1. Our concept of time has changed significantly

Since the beginning of the internet, we all knew that it would affect the way we work, study, and socialize with others. People used to think that the computer could do a lot of our work on its own. However, it allows us to go even further, making it possible to multitask and get complex things done in a blink of an eye.

2. Communication is much more efficient these days

When it comes to communication, the web created an extremely efficient way to connect people. In the past, people used to send telegrams and letters, which would usually take days or even months to arrive on the final destination. Today, it is possible to send a message to the other side of the world and get a response almost instantly. And television that used to be over the air, or satellite dish, or physical cable, is now available anywhere there is internet or wifi through different IPTV solutions.

Social network and other conveniences that are found online are responsible for a change in human relations. It also allowed the enhancement of effectiveness in business since multinational companies have become more efficient and possible with the benefit of video streaming services and other advantages of the virtual universe.

3. The concept of intimacy is completely different now

Human relations changed a lot with the emergence of the web. Before the internet was created, some people believed that we used to be closer to each other as humans than we are today. However, this is not completely true as humanity from all over the globe is much more connected now.

With smartphones, emails, Facebook, and other countless accessible tools, citizens from North America can easily get in touch with citizens from the other side of the world in a blink of an eye. This certainly was not possible before the 1990’s.

On the other hand, intimacy has changed. Social media is a way of keeping updated on events of someone’s life in a very regular basis, which was absolutely impossible before this invention. So, people know what is going on in your life without the need for speaking in person. This is why some feel that we are not as close as we once were. We are connected with more people, just in another way.

4. The internet has changed our way to view politics

Politics is an important theme that is constantly discussed online. With the advent of Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and other innumerous social networks, users are always encountering their friends’ political opinions exposed for everyone to see. Furthermore, this is not restricted to family and friends, as famous Youtubers, along with many other absurdly renowned celebrities are known to expose their political thoughts on the World Wide Web.

There is no doubt that these actions contribute to the outcome of elections. Sometimes it favors and disfavors some candidates and a great example of that is the 2012 campaign that occurred in the United States, in which over 50% of the voters announced their candidate on popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

5. The internet helps us treat diseases

Not everyone always has the time to go to the doctor. Even though it is extremely recommended that whenever we have an issue with our health, only a doctor can give the right diagnosis. However, the emergence of websites that are specialized in giving health advice have caused millions of people to turn to the internet for answers every day. The internet is a tool that can sometimes help people feel better or help reduce anxiety about their health. However, one should still go to the doctor to confirm any health issues as doctors have more knowledge when it comes to diagnosing symptoms.

6. The process of education changed a lot

Knowledge is surely one of the most important things for humans. In the past, in order to acquire information on any topic, students and teachers would have to leave the house and go to a library. Once there, they would need to search for a specific book or books and maybe read it totally through for the wanted information.

Today, the internet offers an endless supply of knowledge for anyone anytime and from the comfort of home. Google was founded in September of 1998, and it has been changing the lives of countless people since then. The browsers’ interface is completely user-friendly, and it is a reliable and efficient manner to get to know any topic of interest.

7. Old and important gadgets are no longer important

Imagine how important a compass was before the invention of the internet. In the past century, people would need compasses, watches, and other various items a lot more than they do today.

With the easy access to a computer or smartphone, a watch is no longer necessary in anyone’s life, expect of aesthetical or fashion purposes. In addition to that, the creation of the GPS allowed drivers to arrive quicker and more efficiently to their location without the need of a compass.

The evolution of smart cellphones made it possible to invent a whole bunch of useful applications that help us with multiple daily needs. Users can find virtual compasses, radio apps, and other endless ways to survive with only a small gadget in hand, the smartphone.

8. The way we used to listen to music is different now

Before the web, music lovers would need to spend a lot on CDs in order to appreciate their beloved artist’s work. This concept has changed completely now. Deezer, Spotify, Google Play, Grooveshark, Last.FM, Stereomood, Pandora, and other various apps are known to hold a large number of albums, songs, and video clips for the majority of artists on Earth. Now, people can listen to music in the bath, outside in the yard, or in their car without any effort and in a much cheaper way.

9. We do not wait in lines anymore

A couple of years back it was common to go to the bank whenever we had a problem with our account, money, or bills. It used to take large amounts of time, hours and a lot of headache to solve anything.

Online banking is possibly one of the best creations ever. It allows users to check their balance, deposits, checks or any other important information within 5 to 10 minutes without leaving one’s home.

Not only banks, but supermarkets, pharmacies, clothing shops, etc. have expanded their businesses to have online shopping access. This allowed the users to shop from the comfort of their house any time of the day, and with that, eliminating the lines and headaches.

10. We have become critics about everything

Websites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, Eat24, and Open Table, or even Google Maps, are unquestionably useful for us. However, with them, we have become much more critical in our experiences. For example, if a person goes out to eat at a fancy restaurant and it is not as 100% perfect as they imagined, the place owner can expect a not so satisfying review about their restaurant online. This can lead to less customers as people look at businesses’ reviews to help them decide where the best place is to go. For this reason, people now expect things to be nothing less than perfect.

11. We learn new things at home

Imagine that you recently bought a house and now you are desperate to learn how to cook. In the past, people would either sign up for cooking classes or see if they knew of someone who could make the dishes they were wanting to cook.

Well, it is no longer necessary with the advancement of the internet. In the rich universe of the web, there is a myriad of incredible websites, videos, and tutorials that teach you how to cook. From old recipes to modern cooking styles, anyone can learn how to make delicious dishes from any culture from the comfort of their own kitchen.

Or maybe you want to learn to do DIY projects. Or research what kind of drone to buy ( There are countless ideas and how to’s on the internet. People are able to enjoy learning how to do a vast number of things at just a click of a button.

12. What happened to privacy?

The internet is undoubtedly a remarkable invention that helps us survive in this modern jungle. Regardless of its countless benefits, this amazing tool has its downsides. With the invention of Facebook, LinkedIn, and multiple other invasive websites, anyone can be found online.

Personal details and dangerous information are leaked every day. People are exposed to danger and it is a serious threat that we have to pay attention to. In addition to that, workers need to be very careful about their posts on these networks, since the companies are always alert to any sign of disloyalty or actions that would be considered inappropriate.

The world is definitely not what it used to be. However, with all the good and the bad that the internet has brought, the world has advanced in extraordinary ways. You can even use the internet to help make a better you by using it in ways to improve your life.