Get the fast Internet connection your family wants. Our residential options get you online with reliable wireless or DSL Internet access. PURE High-Speed provides service throughout Rocky Mountain House and Clearwater County*. If you are looking for a speedy connection to the World Wide Web you have come to the right place. Call today to find out how we can help you!

Surfer – $44.95

Web Surfing, Email; small downloads; up to 2 devices
Up to 5 Mbps downstream/ Up to 1.5 Mbps Upstream
5 email addresses – Transfer of 100 GB

Streamer $64.95

Web Surfing, Youtube, Movies, Online Gaming, File Downloads; up to 5 devices
Up to 10 Mbps downstream/ Up to 3 Mbps Upstream
5 email addresses – Transfer of 225 GB

*The following plans require a direct line of sight to a Pure High-Speed Internet tower.

High-Speed $89.95

HD Youtube, HD Movies, Online Gaming, Online Video Chats; up to 8 Devices
Up to 10 Mbps downstream/ Up to 3 Mpbs Upstream
5 email addresses – Transfer of 350 GB

Pure High-Speed $119.95

For the Family that needs to stay connected; More than 8 devices  
Up to 20 Mbps downstream/ Up to 3 Mbps Upstream
5 email addresses – Transfer of 500 GB

Looking for Unlimited? Click Here.

No Overage Fees

Inquire about our throttling option to avoid overage fees, available on all packages.

Installation Prices

Includes all standard equipment needed to establish a connection, including cabling
and mounting for your location. The installation price is dependent on the length of
the contract.

No Contract Length


1 Year Term


2 Year Term


On-Site Support

$75/hr includes 150km round trip to location

Pure High-Speed Ltd. is your dependable high speed internet provider in Rocky Mountain house and area!