The Alberta SuperNet is a high speed network that connects 429 communities in both urban and rural Alberta, Canada. In large thanks to the SuperNet, Alberta is the most connected province in the whole country presently. Pure High Speed Web Design is one of the local web design companies in Central Alberta has.

The presence of this network across cities and farmlands is possible because of the 13,000 kilometers of fiber optic cables, and the 2,000 kilometers of high-speed wireless links that the network has.

The network has two main components. One of them belongs to Bell Canada, a telecommunications company that offers its services in 27 cities. The other component, the network that covers 402 communities in the rural area of the province, is owned by the Government of Alberta. Even though the government owns the network, it is operated by Axia SuperNet Ltd., a company based in Calgary.

Different service vendors can connect to the Alberta SuperNet through Axia SuperNet Ltd. after signing an agreement in which they are committed to providing high-speed Internet access for rural residents.

Axia SuperNet Ltd.

Before the implementation of the Alberta SuperNet, not many service providers could offer high-speed Internet access outside the cities of Edmonton and Calgary. It was almost impossible for Albertans to have access to a broadband connection.

Today, because of the presence of the SuperNet, the company Axia enables more than 65 Internet providers to run their businesses, a fact that gives more than 250,000 citizens the option of picking a specific service and type of connection from a vendor of their choosing. The state-of-the art fiber grid delivers the fastest and most reliable connectivity available across Alberta. This connectivity goes above and beyond what most large urban centres in Canada have access to.

The companies connected to the Alberta SuperNet, through Axia SuperNet Ltd, provide Albertans with unrestricted possibilities in the way they live, work, have fun and share online.

The future is fiber!

When it comes to connecting Alberta with the rest of the world, fiber is the future, because this material is intentionally built to handle big data. Fiber is faster, more secure and more reliable than copper cables. Axia SuperNet Ltd is a world leader in creating and operating fiber networks in order to connect distant communities and transport information at high speed.

As Albertan towns and cities grow in population and productivity, so does the need to increase bandwidth and connectivity. This is the reason why choosing fiber is the most reasonable solution for providing the backbone of these high speed Internet services.

Awards and possibilities

In 2005, the company Morrison Hershfield was granted the Award of Excellence for project management of the Alberta SuperNet. This prize, a recognition that depicts the quality of the net and its ever-growing possibilities, was given by the respected Association of Canadian Engineering Companies.

Today, 80 percent of Alberta residents have the option of choosing high-speed Internet for their homes or businesses. In the near future, when service providers start working in all SuperNet communities, 95 percent of Albertans will have the opportunity of choosing high-speed Internet.

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